Kate MacLeod Emery was born and brought up in the City of Quincy, Massachusetts.  During her childhood there were many trips to Prince Edward Island, Canada, visiting the birthplace of her father and his family.  Kate’s father’s aunt, Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables, became an inspiration to Kate. While listening to her many stories, sitting in that warm, cozy kitchen on the Island, Kate thought that maybe someday she would also pen her own children’s book.  Later, Kate graduated from Archbishop Williams High School in Braintree, Massachusetts and the Hickox Secretarial School in Boston. She also attended the Boston School of Floral Design. While bringing up six children, Kate operated her own floral business along with transporting special needs children for the Town of Hanover, Massachusetts for 45 years. 


During a difficult time in Kate’s life, she would tell stories about Muffy MacMouse to her grandchildren when they came to visit her. As they laughed at the crazy mouse it would make her laugh. The grand children gave her so much pleasure, that she decided to make them the characters in her books.
Kate’s father was very proud of his Scottish ancestry and the MacLeod tartan, so she decided to bring Muffy into the clan by making him a Scottish mouse, sporting the MacLeod plaid kilt and tam.  For many years the original manuscript was left in a desk draw until her husband, Lloyd, found it and told Kate that together they would get the book published for all children to enjoy.
After living in Hanover for 45 years, Kate is now living in the seaside town of Hull. She recently retired from her job and her books have come alive in print. Kate hopes you all enjoy reading about Muffy knowing that sometime in our lives we have walked in his shoes.